Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday

Normally, when you are picking your woman on Wednesday for your WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) it’s often someone that you believe is beautiful! Someone who admire for their looks, talents, ambition, or maybe all of the three. How often do you choose yourself for your WCW? Do you even consider yourself?

Many woman are shocked and amazed when others declare them their WCW. Meanwhile others are so used to it, they aren’t humbled by the compliments.

Today, Wednesday October 14, 2015, I declare myself, Cherice, my own WCW.

Here’s why…

I always believed that I was kind of pretty. Lacking in the "amazing size 6 body" department made me deem myself unworthy of being beautiful. For the longest time, I found myself just passing through unhappy with being FAT.

It took a long time to regain confidence after going through one of the most devastating time in my life. I started to realize my worth.

Fat doesn’t equate to ugly. I’ve been plus size all of my life and I’ve struggled with weight issues for as long as I could remember. When someone is ready to attack me, the first thing they do is call out “FAT”

When I decided to do my photoshoot with Cherry Collaborative, I wanted to highlight what i loved about me the most and that is everything! I love me flaws and all.

Regardless of size, I am beautiful and that’s something no one can take away from me. Never let anyone make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and honey, you are beautiful!

Thank you Cherry Collaborative for doing this amazing photo shoot!

I will be showing you all footage of the shoot as well in an upcoming post! Stay tuned!!!


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