I was re-organizing my closet last weekend when I realized that I needed to update some of my essential. They either were too big, or were too small. Some pieces that I lost during moving, I also wanted to replace. 

Knowing what to have in your closet as a blogger is a MUST!  However, any and everyone should have the basics in their closet. Iā€™m going to list what you need so you can be up to date on the basics. 

  1. A Silk Blouse
  2. A dress shirt
  3. A tuxedo shirt
  4. Wrap Dress
  5. A Classic LBD
  6. A Leather Jacket
  7. Denim Jacket
  8. A classic pair of flats
  9. A Single Strap heel or stiletto
  10. A pair of pumps
  11. A Satin Heel or stiletto (not black) -staple to pair with a cocktail dress.
  12. A pair of leopard of nude heel!!!
  13. Rain Boot
  14. Over the Knee Boots
  15. utility boot(steel toes boots)
  16. Classic pair of shades
  17. Pearl Earrings
  18. Low heel dress shoes
  19. Modern Boots
  20. Sneaker
  21. Shoulder bag
  22. Back pack
  23. Day to night bag 
  24. Clutch bag
  25. Silk Scarf- 
  26. Pencil Skirt-
  27. A mini skirt
  28. Cashmere Sweater 
  29. The Cable Knit-
  30. Horizontal Stripes- 
  31. White Tee
  32. Jeans
  33. Tuxedo- 
  34. The Double-Breasted Jacket
  35. Blazer-
  36. The Camel Coat-
  37. A PeaCoat-
  38. The Trench Coat
  39. Rings that Stack
  40. Silk Pajamas
  41. Watch
  42. Earrings
  43. Statement Necklace
  44. Socks and Stockings
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Simple NYE Outfits

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