The Start of Fashion Forward Plus

Hello Dolls!

The long awaited time is officially here and I couldn't be more excited! Fashion Forward Plus has now become not just a fun, cool Instagram page that shows off individual style. It has now become a blog!!

When I, Cherice (Owner of Fashion Forward Plus) started this Instagram page, it was for a creative outlet.  I was into different styles.  I also fell in love with examining the same looks by different people to see how they styled their looks differently. I wanted a page where I could showcase everyone; from the well known bloggers, to the unknown street fashionistas.

Fashion Forward Plus wasn't the first for me.  I was affiliated with another page that was centered around showcasing the most fashionable looks! I pay homage when it is due. From that and my love of posting, mixed with introducing my up and coming Fashion business (CherGlam), Fashion Forward Plus was birthed.

When I first started, I only expected, at the most, 500 followers.  One week later, I had 1000 followers. From there within 17 weeks, there are now well over 13,000 followers and counting. This is such a blessing.  It feels good to know that people share the same common interests as myself.

I'm so excited to share this new experience with you all as I interview some fashionistas, review amazing looks that are curvy girl friendly, do the girl of the week and of course, Manly Monday! There are a lot of great things coming for Fashion Forward Plus so stay tuned!!!

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