Transformation Tuesday

Hey Dolls!!

On the FashionForward Plus Instagram Page, I variously make a Tuesday all about transformation. What kind of transformations you ask? Well, Fitness transformations!  Just because a woman or man may be deemed overweight, doesn't mean that person isn't healthy, won't be healthy, or isn't on the track to weight loss or fitness.  There were over 100 followers that submitted pictures of their weight-loss and there were also a lot of people who showed off their fit pictures!

I was able to team up with PYCFIT, run by @thecurvypioneer on Instagram.  Her PYCFIT, #CurvyBeastMode Wristbands were given to the top 10 liked Weight-loss/fitness pics. The overall Winner, @weirdnesss, is now the new face of FashionForward Plus for the week.

We are all striving to be the best us that we could be.  However, that isn't going to stop us from embracing who we are right now in this very moment!

Below are some pictures of the top 10!
I am also including the picture and website of my Feature for #TransformationTuesday @fat_girl_slimm  Ladii is such an inspiration to me and to many.  Her road to fitness and her Fitness Boot Camp is nothing short of amazing. Hopefully, sometime soon, I will be able to interview her and gain some extreme knowledge on what sustains her and gives her the drive that she has.  Losing over 80lb. in 8 months with no surgery just strong will and determination, makes me know that you can do anything that you put your mind to!

Until Next Time!! <3
-Fashion Forward Plus

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