Leather and Fur

This fall, all I've been seeing are these two statement pieces...Leather and Fur! Even though the trend has been around since before my existence, the looks have become a bit more edgy this year
Leather and Fur pieces are all the rage and they can be found on any item of clothing from jackets to pants to accessories. I own quite a few faux fur pieces and have been wearing them since a young child.  My leather obsession started at the age of 13 so leather has and always will be a staple piece for me. So, in my closet you will see an array of fur for the fall/winter months.  I went for brunch so I wanted to have a cute  look that showcased my love for both without being too over the top.
Turtleneck: Ashley Stewart (A few years ago)
Fur Collar: Ebay
Leatherette Skirt: GStage Love
Belt: Asos
Accessories: NYC Street Vendor
Stockings: Avenue
Boots: NYLA

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