Trendy VS. Essential

I'm in the process of completely redoing my room (closet included). I haven't fully organized anything to my liking since I've moved back to New York, so this has been long overdue. I've decided to take you all along on these projects with me, in hopes that this process will give you some pointers in beauty and fashion. Keep on Reading!!

Some days, I've looked in my closet (which is currently overflowing) and said I have absolutely nothing to wear. Where did all my money go when I was supposed to be shopping for clothes? I know that some of us say this quite frequently. Why do we do this? Well, that's because some of us have never separated the trends from the essentials!

The worst decision I could have ever made was to stock up on trendy items. Yes, I said it! Biggest mistake ever! Trendy items, though nice, are dated and can't be worn on several occasions. Trendy items always have you thinking, "Ughhhh... I can't wear this exact look again!"  Essential items are what I would call “forever pieces” or "Staples" they can always be worn and are always going to be in style. I used to have a lot of fashion essentials however, upon my fluctuating sizes and the wear and tear of a few items due to the quality (Post coming on that soon!), my essentials dwindled down to zilch. I didn't even really notice until I needed to go to a really big event and I had absolutely nothing to wear.

Here are some essentials that you should always have in your closet:

 1. A Blazer: I would suggest getting two of these. One in black and one in white. You can always go for other colors as well; however, when starting off you should make sure you have the basic colors. Blazers are not only for the workplace.  They can turn an outfit from drab to chic instantly!
Blazer: Avenue

2. Skinny Jeans: Who doesn't love a pair of skinny jeans? I would recommend a dark colored pair (The lighter colored pairs are ok too) A dark pair gives you more flexibility with matching this piece with other colors.
Skinny Jeans: Torrid

3. A Basic T-Shirt: Everyone wears T-Shirts. Of course, as an essential, you must have a plain black and a plain white. However, T-Shirts in all different colors are just as effective. You can also purchase them almost anywhere, they aren't hard to find.

Basic T-Shirt: Walmart
 4. Basic Leggings: Leggings are a great way to dress comfortably and still look chic when paired with different sweaters, tops, or paired underneath a skirt. Comfy is definitely best, therefore it is an essential.
Basic Leggings: Forever21+
5. A Simple Blouse: A blouse is definitely an essential. You can wear it everywhere and of course, it can be styled with anything!
Blouse: Asos
6. Pencil Skirt: Every woman needs a pencil skirt in their life. One that isn't too short or too long. A perfect knee length pencil skirt can give you a lot of wear!
Pencil Skirt: Ashley Stewart

7. LBD (Little Black Dress): If you don't have one, I suggest you stop what you're doing and buy one! (After you have read the whole post though lol!!) You can play a LBD down or dress it up no matter the circumstance. The LBD is classic and should always be in your closet.
LBD: Asos

8. Leather Jacket: A leather jacket is just that piece you should never be without! Your outfit can go from boring to edgy just by putting one on!
Leather Jacket: Maurices

Leather Jacket: Asos
9. Shoes: What can I say about these...!!!!! Shoes definitely matter with your outfit. With the wrong shoes, your outfit can be fully thrown off. Every woman needs a pair of comfortable flats, a pair of boots (ankle, knee high, or thigh high) and a pair of black and nude pumps! Thats at least 4 pairs that are essential for your wardrobe.
Flats: Obsession Rules
Pumps: Jessica Simpson
Boots: Simply Be

10. Bag: Having a good pocketbook is essential to your wardrobe. This is where you will house your belongings that you are taking on the road. Your bag is just as important as your shoes. If it's off then so is your entire look. I love a simple blag or brown bag, which is essential, but I'm really into brighter, funkier prints and colors now when it comes to bags. Whichever you choose for your essential, make sure it compliments your look.
Clutch: The Perfect Clutch

Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction
With these staple pieces in your closet, you will be able to mix and match these essentials with your trendy pieces! Once you have these essentials, you will always be able to pull off something chic to wear! So I have a question... Who's ready to shop?

-Cherice S.

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