Sunday Funday

Hey Guys!

I think that mother nature is completely bipolar! Even though the calendar points to spring, Mother Nature is all up in NYC saying" No boo, I run this! Winter forever more". NYC is dark, rainy, and gloomy out :-(

My friend came down from Florida so we went out for the day.  As soon as a hint of sunshine came out, I rejoiced with taking some pictures with my favorite comfy joggers from Pop Up Plus!  I love the fact these these joggers are super comfy and can be dressed up for a night out on the town or dressed comfortably like I've done in this post. With a variety of colors, you can pick a pair that matches your style and mood.

Right now, there is a jogger challenge contest for PopUpPlusNy! <-- and="" click="" for="" i="" if="" me="" p="" then="" there="" vote="" win="" you="">
Till next time!!


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