Hello Fashion Forward Fam,

Have you been feeling sexy lately? I mean really feeling sexy when both dressing up and down?

It’s honestly okay if you haven’t. That happens sometimes and it is my duty to uplift you and give you tips that have helped me even when I wasn’t feeling the most sexiest or the most confident at the moment. I’ve gone through a few traumatic experiences (post on that coming soon) and it has taken me awhile to get to the root of feeling sexy again.

Recently, looking in the mirror and embracing all of my curves, lady lumps and lady humps (shout out to Fergie) is an amazing feeling. Regardless of what the occasion is (to be honest there shouldn’t need to be one) admiring myself and feeling sexy is at an all time high. What you wear to go to sleep at night is just as important as what you wear to leave the house. Self love is the most fulfilling and what better way to embrace your body than dressing up for you every night even if you don’t have someone to wear lingerie for.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, why not treat yourself to some affordable pieces to make you feel your sexiest? With or without a partner, your confidence level will increase when you put yourself first and embrace the beauty that you behold.

I have included several pieces that  believe you should check out! You will not be disappointed. If there are any coupon codes, those are included as well. Just click on the photos to take you to the respective sites!! I can’t wait to see what you all picked up. Happy Shopping. 


Yea, that’s right! I didn’t sutter!! AMAZON is becoming one of the most popular places to get almost anything and lingerie is no exception. I have purchased several pieces of lingerie from Amazon and not only do I take advantage of PRIME (gets your item in 2 business days and in some cases SAME DAY DELIVERY) I also have never had an issue with the quality of my items and the prices always seem to be right.


OMG the lingerie on Eloquii’s website is smoking hot!!! Select lingerie like the sexy Lace Overlay Bodysuit is only $19 with the code: HEYGIRL (photo above) and with the same code, other lingerie like this Eyelash Lace Bodysuit with Detachable Garter is 50% OFF!!! (Photo below) You can’t beat that with a stick. 


Yandy is so underrated and they’ve been in the game for so long!!! They are currently having a sale on their lingerie. The pieces are so sexy and feature so many different sexy colors. Check out this sexy piece and it’s only $12.99!!! What a steal!! 55% OFF


My,my, my, MONIF C. Has been on fire lately with this sexy lingerie pieces in her newest collection. Being a purchaser of her pieces for years, I can attest to the quality of her pieces. This isn’t no one wear, throw away store. I rather Quality over Quantity anyday and with Monif C, you’re definitely getting quality.


You can’t leave torrid out of the equation when it comes to lingerie. Right now both in store and online, they are having an up to 40% OFF sale

This Sleep Lace bust Chemise is on sale (photo above) for $32.17 


SheIn has been a popular place to get those trendy pieces! Not only are there prices decent, they are known to sell versatile clothing! Right now, they have taken the internet by storm with their up to 85% OFF sale. 

This Asymmetrical Lace Slips with Thong (photo above) is going for only $13.00 and this Hot Plus lace trim criss cross Floral Romper is going for $12.00

If you are looking for robes for less, they have you covered too with this Plus Lace Hem Belted Robe with Thong for Only $9.00


This is a great site to get lingerie all year around and the prices are amazing! Right now there is a Valentines sale and when you sign u for the first time you can get your first set for $24.95 as opposed to the original price of $59.95!!! What a Deal!!!


Fashion Nova offers lingerie styles in various sizes, styles and prices starting from $9.99 and up!! Right now, use code 14MIL for 40% off on the entire site


Savage Fenty is also a discount membership lingerie site where you can receive lingerie all year around. Every month you get a box curated by Singing Sensation Rihanna (who doesn’t love this beauty) Right now, they are having a buy two for $29 sale for all newcomers so take advantage while this sale lasts!! 


Ashley Stewart is coming through with these sexy lingerie numbers!! Right Now, these prices are right! Price. $39.50 (picture shown above) Use code: LOVE30 for 30%off Online


Hips and Curves has always been a go to for lingerie! They specialize in lingerie and have a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from