Fashion Forward Plus was created on January 9th, 2013 by Cherice Scott. This blog's purpose was to promote fashion and chic style highlighted by the plus size community. This blog has turned into just more than its origin (an Instagram page @fashionforward_plus). This multicultural style blog is one of the fastest growing blogs within the plus size community and has been catching the attention of well known stylists, radio personalities, models, actors/actresses and authors.

What started out as an outlet to gain confidence, promote plus size acceptance, and post what I love has evolved into so much more. The people, the love, the acceptance makes Fashion Forward Plus what it has grown into. Breaking away from the “taught” standards of beauty and showcasing our own is a powerful thing. "Inspiring the Inspired"

 -Cherice Scott


For Business Inquiries

Email: FashionForwardPlus@gmail.com