DIY Crochet Box Braids

DIY Crochet Box Braids

Hey loves!

So I've been on a hiatus for several different reasons...(I'll get into that in another post). One of the reasons is me coming to terms with change (for the better) namely, my hair.

I am a naturalista and have been for a year since my big chop back in July of 2015. I rarely, if ever, show my natural hair and have developed a love/hate relationship with it. Due to extra tight braids, I lost some hair from the roots in the area that is extremely important to edges! 

With my edges snatched (literally) it was extremely hard to recover the confidence needed to wear my natural hair out or even embrace it. So, I started to protective style my life away with wigs and weaves. Lately, I've been wanting a change and knew that tight box braids were not going to work. So, I used an alternative method...Crochet braids!

Below is the video I recorded so you all can see how I was able to achieve the above look!

See you all in the next post!