Flat Tummy Tea: Did It Work?

Flat Tummy Tea: Did It Work?

You must have been living under a rock  if you haven't heard of Flat Tummy Tea... What? Never heard of it? How? Where have you been? Well, if you don't know then here it is. Flat Tummy Tea is a loose tea used in the aid of reducing stomach bloating and helping to restore energy, thus increasing your metabolism.

 I had the opportunity to take the bloat away for a second time and the main question that I get asked is...does it really work? The answer is YES! BUT...

Almost everyone that keeps up with my Instagram page knows how I feel about Flat Tummy Tea because I've been speaking about it for the past few weeks. There are so many misconceptions about this product and one that I was sad to hear, was that it wouldn't work because it only works for people who aren't plus size. Upon reading this comment, I was determined to prove the masses wrong.

There are rules for drinking the tea. The directions are on the packet and is extremely self explanatory. However, I'm going to give you the precise rules that I took that I feel worked the best for me.

1. Follow the instructions on the packet. The rules, in this case, aren't meant to be broken. If you don't follow the rules,  you can't expect results.

2. Be consistent. The 4 week program is for 4 complete weeks. Not 3.5 not 2.4 and not for when you feel like drinking it.

3. Try not to use sugar. If you can go without using sugar or honey, do it. It really doesn't make sense to pack your tea with sugar or sweetener.  However, if you must have it sweet, try Stevia or an artificial sweetener.

4. Drink WATER!!! You need the H2O to help flush out the toxins in your body. Drinking water is also a great way to stay healthy. Drinking carbonated beverages while trying to reduce bloating is pretty pointless.

5. Stay away from gassy food. Even certain vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and beans produce gas and bloating. try to avoid greasy food. Eat clean while detoxing. It defeats the purpose if you are putting the same things in your body that you are trying to get rid of.

6. Find a rhythm to when you are taking the tea. Remember what I stated earlier, Consistency is KEY.

7. Exercise. You will be surprised how much moving a little bit more each day does the body good. If you aren't the avid gym rat or even one who likes to sweat (Lord knows I'm trying to kick that habit) All you need to do is increase some extra steps per day, choose the stair rather than the elevator, or even a walk around the block. Keep your body moving.

Instead of me rambling on, and on, you can just see the results for yourself in my Flat Tummy Tea Review broadcasted on my YouTube channel below! 

A photograph is worth a thousand words, but a video is self explanatory.


Here is my 4 week update! I'm so excited about how amazing my body is starting to look and I'm obsessed with what the future holds for me health wise.

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