Fashionista Friday: BITE MY HEATH BAR!

Fashionista Friday: BITE MY HEATH BAR!

Hello Glamazons!

Last Friday, I had the privilege of having a little contest among the fabulous ladies on

Fashion Forward Plus

. The contest was to pick the Fashionista of the Week! This first week, we had a clear cut winner and her name is @BiteMyHeathBar and it is no surprise that she is this weeks winner! Her style, as shown in the image above (also her winning picture) proves that this glamazon knows about fashion! As an added prize, besides being the new face of


as well as a week of shout outs, I decided to interview the winner to get her insight on fashion.

Read the interview below:

What is your name?

-Kiersten Heath

How tall are you?

-5'6 (and 3/ to add that lol)

What size are you in tops/bottoms?

-I wear a Large or XL in tops/bottoms but I am a size 14!

What two words would you use to describe your Style?

-Eclectic but self-aware

What are your favorite fall fashion essentials?

-Sooo many favorites because Fall is my favorite season, but right now it has to be leather tops and  dresses and velvet, well, anything!

What is one fashion item that you find yourself wearing almost every day?

-I find myself wearing my lace up prairie boots almost every day around campus. I have them in different colors, so they go with a lot, plus their super comfy! So it’s a win win!

Which places are your favorite places to shop?

-My favorite places to shop are perhaps H & M, ZARA, and any consignment/thrift shop. But I'm a major online shopper, so I love ASOS, and

Were you always confident with your style? If not what made you gain confidence?

-I was always confident with my style. I loved watching my Mom get ready for work in the mornings; she would slip on her heels, pin up her hair and be out the door. I thought that was so glamorous, so I wanted to emulate that at school. School became not only a place of learning, but also a fashion show, to me at least, which boosted my confidence every day! Especially after I won BEST DRESSED my senior year :)

How do you stay confident with your style?

-To be honest, I'm not always completely confident with my style, because I always feel as though I could do better. But with awesome fans, followers and feature pages, like Fashion Forward Plus, I get that confidence back...and it's a great feeling!

Who do you draw your style inspiration from?

-I draw my style inspiration from my parents, some of my girlfriends, street style that I see in person and in the magazines, and celebrities like Rihanna and Blake Lively. I like drawing from different sources, then applying it to my own taste.

At which point in time, was the moment you fell in love with fashion?

-I fell in love with fashion probably in middle school. I knew I wanted to be an icon for women of color and hopefully illustrate that we are a force to be reckon with. I took four years of sewing in high school, thinking of being a designer, only later to realize I'm better with styling and consulting. I live for the fashion business and I love studying up on collections, trends and new designers.

Do you believe that accessories can make or break an outfit? Why/ Why not?

-Yes!!! Accessories can definitely make or break a look! If you have on a hot, 'freakum' dress and tarnished jewelry or tattered heels, it completely brings the look down. You must coordinate! I rely heavily on my accessories, and I give as much attention to them as I would my clothes.

If you could give any celebrity your wardrobe, who would it be and why?

-I would give Kim Kardashian my wardrobe, just so that she could give me hers! (Pre-Kanye West though)

If you could design your own staple piece, what would it be and why?

-My staple piece would probably be a biker jacket made entirely of leather and it would have a load of spikes. I love the Rock 'n Roll look on a girl...especially when the girl has on a dress or a skirt! The play with hard & soft excites me!

It was truly my pleasure to interview Kiersten! She is a true beauty both inside and out.

If you would like to contact @bitemyheathbar, you can check out her information listed down below!





Till Next Time Glamazons!!

-Fashion Forward Plus

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