A Sitdown with Sinttas!

A Sitdown with Sinttas!

Every other week I do the Fashion Forward Plus FashionistaContest! This week was the highest voting week so far. The winner was a no brainer. With over 1,100 votes in 4 hours, @Sinttas was the clear cut winner beating out the runner up by over 400 votes (Winning picture above). I was able to interview this beautiful New Jersey resident about her style, confidence, and fashion. Check out the interview!


What is your name?

-Laura Lee Johnson

How tall are you?


What size are you in tops/bottoms?

-I’m a Large, the Booty is big so 12/14

What two words would you use to describe your Style?

-Sexy & Chic

What are your favorite fall fashion essentials?

-An amazing coat, oversized sweater, destructed jeans & knee high boots

What is one fashion item that you find yourself wearing almost every day?

-Since the winter is here it’s all about boots… 

Which places are your favorite places to shop?

-BCBG & Asos

Were you always confident with your style? If not what made you gain confidence?

-I think so, my mother has amazing style and I feel like I got it from her. We go shopping when I visit her in FL and we put outfits together for each other in the store. It’s too cute. I think style comes from what you feel and what you see yourself looking amazing in. Forget what others see, it’s what you see (took me a long time to be comfortable thinking that). 

Do you find yourself reaching for any specific colors this season? If so then what colors? Why or why not?

-White… I’m obsessed with winter white and in love with my new BCBG white blazer.

Who do you draw your style inspiration from?

-My mother of course and my insanely gorgeous friends "My Mama's" who dress to the T.

At which point in time, was the moment you fell in love with fashion?

-Ever since I can remember! As a young child I was putting in my mother’s stilettos, her makeup, her clothes & strutting around the house. Fashion just became a part of me. 

Do you believe that accessories can make or break an outfit? Why/Why not?

-Super Crucial to the final touches of an outfit, spicing up an outfit is key; going overboard could ruin it entirely. 

If you could give any celebrity your wardrobe, who would it be and why?

-Khloe Kardashian has been WOW lately; I wouldn't mind "SHARING" my wardrobe with her if I would be able to share some of her things…

If you could design your own staple piece, what would it be and why?

-Just one? So many ideas, I'd have to go with a HOLY SH!T Stiletto heel, nothing less than 4", funky, stylish and super comfy. To me the "Shoe" makes the outfit, add that pop of WOW at the bottom and it transforms your whole look.

This interview was so much fun!! Laura Lee, you are such a true beauty and a joy to interview!

If you want to keep up with everything Sinttas, you can check her out at the information listed below:

Instagram: @Sinttas 

Twitter: @MissCocoC


See you in another post!!


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