Keeping Up With Kenya

Another week, another winner! Last weeks fashionista winner was non other than @kenyacottrellbaker who won by a landslide! I was able to catch up with this beauty with some fashion talk!! Here is what she had to say:

Name: LaKenya "Kenya" Cottrell Baker

State: Tennessee

Size tops: Large to an Extra Large

Size bottoms: 16 or XL 

Fashion means to me: Fashion to me means giving me the chance to express myself. Fashion means being confident and proud of who I am regardless of my size. Fashion to me means not being about what's the latest but what statement you want to project. 

Two words to describe your style: wow that's hard but I would say, Chic Comfort

Confident about my style: I've always been confident about my style. Regardless of what others my think or say, as long as I'm happy about my appearance that's all that matters.

Staple piece: Definitely has to be maxi dresses or maxi skirts. It's funny, I'm only 4'11 but I love how long pieces look on me. I love the flow of a maxi dress or skirt. 

Fashion inspiration: My fashion inspiration definitely is My Mother. She's a walking statement everyday. Doesn't matter how she feels or what's going on, she always well put together. She doesn't just wear what's the latest, she has style and grace. 

Staple piece: I would definitely say my staple piece would be jeans. Because I'm short and curvy, jeans rarely fit in all the right places. I've tried jeans from all over and the only place that comes close is Ashley Stewart. 

Fashion quote: Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live --Gianni Versace

I had a great pleasure with this beauty! More fun Q&A sessions are sure to come 


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