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Another Fashion Forward Plus Fashionista Contest Winner has emerged! And the winner is....... @moosiewoosie Beating out the runner up by a few votes, this has been the tightest race to the finish line we have seen just yet!

I had the opportunity to have a little Q&A session with the winner! Let's find out a little more about her:

What is your name?
-Marchel’le Hayes
In what state do you reside?
What size are you in tops/bottoms? 
-Tops: M/L Bottoms: 18 or 2XL
What two words would you use to describe your Style?
- I can’t really some it up with two words, but I’ll refer to my style as elegant with a fearlessly sexy plus-size twist.
What are your favorite fashion essentials?
-My favorite fashion essentials are necklaces, rings, sun dresses, and cute comfy heels. I am a sun dress freak!
Which places are your favorite to shop?
-I love to shop at Thick Chic Boutique, Windsors, F21, ASOS, Xpressions, Macys, DSW, and
At which point in time, was the moment you fell in love with fashion?
-I think the moment I fell in love with fashion happened when I started modeling for a clothing boutique in my area named Thick Chic Boutique. The designer, Vanessa Patterson, makes amazing plus size fashions and while modeling for her, she made me step way outside of my comfort zone. She put me in clothes that I would normally never choose to wear myself just because I lacked the confidence to do so. Once she put me in these clothes and I saw my confidence and sex appeal shine through my modeling photos, I was like wow! I can be plus size and still be sexy! From that point, I became more interested in taking time to find what works well on my body and I’ve grown to truly enjoy getting dressed and showing that curvy girls can be sexy too.

Were you always confident with your style? If not what made you gain confidence?
- I absolutely was not always confident with my style! I used to throw on jeans and a sweater with some tennis shoes to do my everyday activities. I have eczema, so I always wore long sleeves and jeans to make sure my scars on my arms and legs were covered. As I got older, I would show a little skin here and there but it sometimes made me uncomfortable, which is why I doubted myself when I initially started modeling for Thick Chic Boutique. A lot of the confidence I gained came from modeling for designer Vanessa Patterson, owner of Thick Chic Boutique. She is the first person who really encouraged me to work my curves the best way I can and wearing her clothes made me recognize how beautiful my body really is. My experience with her gave me the confidence I needed to want to dress fashionably no matter what size I am. I am thankful for her and the opportunity she shared with me.
Who do you draw your style inspiration from?
-I draw my style inspiration from my sisters. It’s funny to me, but they would always make fun of my fashion sense. They still do, but I’m getting better lol. My sisters make me want to dress better just so I can shut them up! My baby sister takes a different approach with me. She hired herself as my personal stylist and often helps me put things together for certain occasions when I really want to achieve a certain look. Whenever I have fashion questions, she is my “go-to girl”. I also draw a great deal of my style inspiration from a few of my favorite plus size fashion bloggers such as Nadia Aboulhosn, Kristine (, Chante’B. (, and last but certainly but not least, celebrity wardrobe stylist GooGoo Atkins. I also admire the incredibly beautiful actress LisaRaye McCoy. She is the goddess of all things in white, the one color that most women are afraid of because it is known to make you look bigger, but everything she wears is tasteful, beautiful, elegant, sexy, and conservative all at the same time. I love her confidence and grace as a curvy woman.
Do you believe that accessories can make or break an outfit? Why/Why not?
-I do believe that accessories can make or break an outfit. If you have on the cutest outfit with flawless hair and makeup but no earrings or necklace, it looks naked to me. I love accessories because no matter how small they are, they can make an outfit pop.
If you could give any celebrity your wardrobe, who would it be and why?
-If I could give any celebrity my wardrobe, it might be Jill Scott. I love her style and essence and I would be curious to see how gracefully she would rock what’s in my closet.
If you could design your own staple piece, what would it be and why?
-It is my ultimate goal to design my own jeans. A jean that is unique to curvy women. I have to do this not only for myself but for every other short plus size woman in the world! It is a constant struggle for me to find a pair of jeans that fit me properly. I’ve always had to buy jeans that fit my hips and butt perfectly, but leave a huge gap in my waist area because my body shape is so unique. When shopping for jeans, I normally have to try on about 15-20 different pairs in every store before I find one pair that does me just a little justice… IRRITATING!!! I feel like I’ve won the lottery when I find a pair of jeans that fits me correctly in the waist, hips, and butt and aren’t too long since my legs are so short! This rarely happens, so I don’t own a lot of jeans. Having the opportunity to design a jean line for women with curves would truly make me happy. Just wait on it ladies its coming one day! ;)

Where can we keep up with you?
Instagram: @moosiewoosie
Twitter: @marshhayes’leHayes

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