Getting the "T" with DIVALICIOUSDEE!

Getting the "T" with DIVALICIOUSDEE!

So another week has passed and another winner has reigned!!! The beautiful @divaliciousdee has won this weeks Fashion Forward Plus Fashionista Friday and I am truly excited about her win! She won by over 300 votes from the second place which is definitely a huge win! (Winning Photo above) Looking through her Instagram, I have learned that she is, in fact, a fashion designer (catering to all sizes) and makes amazing clothes, with her own company

Danele Bee

to be released very soon! I had the opportunity to interview this gorgeous Jamaican beauty. Take a look at this interview!

What is your first name?


In what state do you reside?

-New York

What size are you in tops/bottoms?

-I'm a 3x in tops size 18 bottoms

What two words would you use to describe your Style?

- FLAMBOYANT, because my confidence and stylishness will make anyone look twice lol and VIVACIOUS, because I'm a cheerful bubbly person who can be incorporate fun youthfulness grown sexy classy all in one outfit.

What are your favorite fall fashion essentials?

-As you know the styles everywhere changes a lot especially living in New York. So if you are one who keeps up with the Jones' there are a few essentials,but I make up my own. For this season I have 5:

  • I love scarves. I think a great scarf can totally define an outfit and take it from one direction to another.
  • Some tall boots, those are in and can be paired with many different outfits
  • A green cargo jacket. The more military the look the better. Mine has black leather sleeves. Yes. Leather is still going lol!
  • A classic leather skater dress or skirt right now the black has been going for a while so I'm thinking maroon or burgundy soon *hint hint* check out my Instagram for that soon. Also leather joggers or leggings are cool.
  • Last but definitely not least a nice lip color. Red lips are classic and will last forever but try to take the shades a bit darker for fall/winter season

Which places are your favorite places to shop?

-Well to be honest I gave up shopping when I dove head first into designer life. But I am a die hard Forever 21 shopper. I'm really not that picky about where I buy clothes. If it is good quality, very trendy, and a great fit I'm sold. I hate cheap looking shapeless clothes.

At which point in time, was the moment you fell in love with fashion?

-Wow, well I had a my daughter gained a ton of weight then I realized omg you're fat. What's next? I refused to look like a hopeless fat girl and I knew that no matter what your weight you can be extremely fashionable. The more I pushed myself the more I found things that looked great and suited my body.

Were you always confident with your style? If not what made you gain confidence?

-Well my mom grew all her kids to be bold confident individuals so I have to be thankful to her for that. My confidence comes from within. Always doing the unexpected I believe in always going the extra mile. People see plus size in a different light when you give them something to talk about. They may say, “omg Danele got fat" but behind that statement they can't deny that I'm fat and fly lol

I see that you actually make clothes, did you make what you wore in your winning picture?

-Yes I did make the outfit in the winning picture. Thanks for that opportunity. It's actually a silk wrap top and a spandex double split maxi skirt. I made it exactly one year ago and wore it to my friends thanksgiving dinner. So this picture is from last thanksgiving.

When did you start designing?

-I started sewing and designing about 3 years ago

What made you decide to go full force with designing and making clothes for yourself and others?

-I started out sewing for my daughter. I love when kids are fashionable and trendy and the store did not satisfy my quench for kids fashion. So I got a sewing machine from my mom and started making her an outfit for every event she would attend. Then the machine broke and I had to get a better one. So for new years in 2012 I decided to make myself an outfit. I did and voila here I am. What started out as a hobby has me now sleeping over prom dresses at 4am.

Who do you draw your style inspiration from?

-Well as cliche a may it may sound I do not follow or feel inspired my many celebs but there's a girl on Instagram Stefani Milano, who is not even plus sized, but her style is so dope. If I could recreate all her outfits into plus size I would.

Do you believe that accessories can make or break an outfit? Why/Why not?

-Yes because a statement piece turns on the wow factor and can bring your outfit from basic to brilliant. Simple clothes with fabulous accessories always work well.

If you could give any celebrity your wardrobe, who would it be and why?

-Well this is a hard one. Every celeb has their own fashion sense and preferences and most have amazing stylist who bring their ensembles to life. If I could give my wardrobe to any celeb, I would choose Amber Riley from Glee. She young and fresh in the business and coming into her own. I think my clothes and style suits her age and body type.

If you could design your own staple piece, what would it be and why?

-I would say a trendy leather jacket because a great leather jacket is timeless. It will never go out of style. That's a piece you could wear forever ....

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview with Divaliciousdee, if you would like more information on her as well as her upcoming fashion company Danelebee, check out all of her links below:

My Instagram is @divaliciousdee

Email for orders and inquiries:

My long awaited website

will be launching in January 2014, God's willing.

Facebook: Divalicious Dee Designs

Check out some of her exclusive designs! They are brilliant! I, for one, will be ordering very soon!!!

See you in another post!

-Fashion Forward Plus

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