Fashion Forward Plus Fashionista: Ivory Jinelle

Friday Fashion Forward Fashionista is Back! A new winner takes the crown.  I took a few moments to get a little Q&A in with the winner @IvoryJinelle.  Take a moment and check out our interview:

What is your name?
-Ivory Jinelle

In what state do you reside?

What size are you in tops/bottoms? 
-Tops: 14/16, Bottoms: 18

What two words would you use to describe your Style?
-Eclectic with a vintage twist

What are your favorite fashion essentials?
-A great pair of heels, a pop of color and tons of rings. 

Which places are your favorites to shop?
-Asos, the thrift store/flea markets, Ebay and indie boutiques/designers. 

At which point in time, was the moment you fell in love with fashion?
-I believe I fell in love with fashion my senior year of high school. I began exploring thrift stores and magazines for inspiration and creating outfits from there.

Were you always confident with your style? If not what made you gain confidence?
-I was always a pretty confident person and I believe my style showcases that. I wear things that I love, which makes having confidence so easy.

Who do you draw your style inspiration from?
- Editorials in magazines, fashion geared Tumblr pages, blogs/bloggers and street style.

Do you believe that accessories can make or break an outfit? Why/Why not?
-Of course accessories make or break an outfit. A funky gold belt, chain necklace and some great peep toe booty could totally change a plain dress. 

If you could give any celebrity your wardrobe, who would it be and why?
If I could give a celebrity my wardrobe, it would be Mariah Carey. Something is always off...and she seems to love spandex. 

If you could design your own staple piece, what would it be and why?
-If I could design a staple piece, it would be a perfect fitting jumpsuit. I love jumpsuits and believe everyone should have at least one in their closet. Find one that works for your shape or makes you feel great. I don't believe in telling folks what not to wear; nor do I subscribe to the notion of "flattering". I hear a lot of plus women complain about jumpsuits because they believe you have to have a certain body type to wear one and I don't believe that. As always, wear what you love and what makes you happy :-)

I know we are all interested in finding out how we can keep up with you, where can we check you out?

-I can be found on Instagram (@ivoryjinelle) and on my blog:

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