A Talk with the Lovely Lace N Leopard

Hello my fashionistas!

Another week has passed and another winner has been crowned! LaceNLeopard has won the crown of our Friday Fashionista!

I had the honor of having a little Q&A with this beauty!

Check out our interview!

What is your name?
Tiffany Crawford

In what state do you reside?

What size are you in tops/bottoms?
Tops: 2X to 3X. Bottoms: 18/20

What two words would you use to describe your Style?
I’m not sure if I could sum my style up to two words but I would say that I’m a laid back girl. I consider my style chill–with a little edge and sex appeal. I love to feel sexy but classy.

What are your favorite fashion essentials?
Anything leopard, fur, skinny jeans, nude heels, crop leather jacket, a chunky watch, a nice pair of shades and a good body con dress.

Which places are your favorite to shop?
I’m an avid thrifter and a lot of my most liked items actually come from the thrift store. I also like to shop at @asos, @fashionaveplus, @f21, and Ebay. I have worn items from small plus size boutiques as well, like @labellacouture1, @shopluxevain & @curveculture.

At which point in time, was the moment you fell in love with fashion?
A tomboy until about 13, I wore sweat-suits, jeans and tennis shoes. My aunt was my introduction to fashion, in the 8th grade. She was very feminine: always wore makeup, dressed her best, and hair stayed on point. Being around her, I picked up a fashion-sense that later became my passion.

Were you always confident with your style? If not what made you gain confidence?
Well, while I was wearing different outfits over the years, I felt confident in them at the time. But, I look back sometimes and think what the heck was I wearing?? My style has definitely evolved lol. But I will say that the confidence that I do have, comes from a strong upbringing. I was fortunate to have a family that always made me feel good about myself and truly put me on a pedestal. I’m grateful for that.

Who do you draw your stye inspiration from?
Overall, Jennifer Lopez embodies everything I love: Curves. Beauty. Edge. Sex Appeal. Class. One day she can rock a high bun and bamboo earrings, and the next day a couture dress dripping in diamonds.
I also draw inspiration from other bloggers and instagrammers, plus and straight size. I have a feature on my Instagram called #SameFitDoneThick where myself and other plus size women duplicate outfits by their straight size inspiration. I want to showcase that beautiful curvy and plus size women can rock fashion just good or even better than their straight size counterparts.

What made you decide to blog?
I would post outfits on Facebook when I would go out and people would always inbox me asking where I got things and how to put outfits together. So one day I said, what the heck and started a blog. I’m also a photographer and would style my clients, so a blog was a good way to show my photography work and styling capabilities.

What do you gravitate to first when you are piecing your outfits together?
I would say fit and comfort. Over the years, I’ve realized that whatever I buy I should be comfortable in. Nobody wants to pull a dress down or suck in their stomach all night. Comfort is confidence.

Do you believe that accessories can make or break an outfit? Why/Why not?
YES. Though, I am not a heavy jewelry accessorizer (I don’t think that’s a word?? Lol) I feel like simple statement pieces could take a casual look up a notch or two. In the same sense, over-accessorizing could drown an outfit out. It depends on what you want the focal point of your outfit to be. Accessories I don’t like to go without are gold hoop earrings, a nice watch and a big purse.

If you could give any celebrity your wardrobe, who would it be and why?
I never thought about giving my wardrobe to a celebrity. But, I would say Lil Kim post baby. I lovveee Lil Kim and I just want to see her style change up. I would love to be a part of her styling team...for the ultimate Lil Kim comeback! lol

If you could design your own staple piece, what would it be and why?
It would be a power shoulder crop leather jacket. I would design this item, because this is what I’ve always wanted but never be able to find in plus size. I love structured shoulders and a good fitting jacket. Or an off-shoulder body con dress. I love them but I don’t see enough of them.

Also, if you have a website, blog, YouTube, tumblr, twitter, or any other sites that you would like to plug in, you can place that in so that can be included as well.
Instagram & Twitter: @Lacenleopard

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